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Monday, October 29, 2007

Pregnancy Bra Tips

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So, you are pregs or you know someone that is expecting... The belly is going to grow and so are the 'girls' ! Here are some bra shopping tips for buying bras for your pregnancy!

Tip 1 - How to gauge your 'new' bra size.
Start with your pre-pregnancy size - As a rule of thumb, you will go up one band size and approximatley 2 cup sizes by the time the stork arrives. So if you are a 34B pre-pregnancy - you should expect to peek at a 36D about a month or so before your due date.

Love this bra from Bella Materna! Non-wire seamless nursing bra now up to a G/H cup!

Tip 2 - What bra should I buy in the beginning?
In your first trimester your breasts will grow by leaps and bounds .. they will be sore and you may feel that even if you can still fit into your True Religions .. you may not be fitting into your tops the same as you did last month. Time for a new bra!
We, at Isabella, suggest buying bras once you begin to notice this change. If you are newly pregnant, it may not be necessary to go up a band size until your ribcage starts to expand ( by going up a band size too early, you may compromise your support) - But, you will want to increase your cup size by at least one cup. Remember, it is OK if you do not completely fill the cup - trust us, you will!! ( By tightening the bra straps you will help bring the cup closer to the body - just make sure the bra band does not ride up in doing so - if this happens, go DOWN a band size - you were probably wearing too large to begin with).

Tip 3 - My breasts haven't changed that much and i'm in my 6th month! Do I need new bras?

We have seen this happen a lot - no need to worry if your 'cups do not runneth over' ... Everyone is different and every body handles pregnancy in different ways. Make sure that you moniter your breast growth as your due date grows near. And make sure that you bring a properly sized nursing bra to the hospital for delivery.
A proper fit will be one or two cup sizes larger ( you may or may not need to go up a band size - as your ribcage will begin to come back to normal the weeks after giving birth). Usually, if your breasts do not grow by the time you reach your 3rd trimester -- you will become VERY full after giving birth! We call this a 'Dolly Parton' situation! - Day before birth you can be the same as your pre-pregnancy size and BAM! after you give birth - you look like Dolly!
Another great solution for this if you are unsure of size - is to purchase a nursing camisole that is size SML.

We love this nursing cami from Bella Materna

Tip 4 -- Help! I am already a large cup size and i'm only in my first trimester! Nursing bras for me?
Yes!! Of course ... We have nursing bras up to a K cup! Yes .. a K cup! Try this great cotton nursing bra from Goddess:

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments!! We are here to help
And remember, if you are unsure of your bra size .. you can always visit the boobologist at to upload a picture of yourself wearing a light colored top ... we will guide you to the perfect size and shape bra!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Things are gettin' steamy at Isabella!

The windows at Isabella are sure to be fogging up after these collections hit the sales floor ...

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Carol Malony! Online and in store....any minute

Or .... Release your inner burlesque fantasies with these:

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Undrest is the Best!

We just love! They just test drove the Undrest Marissa set! Here's what they have to say!

Product Review: Alison tries Undrest’s “Marissa” set

March 27, 2007

Kicking off our Review Week is new Knickers addition Alison, who tried out one of the lovely new sets from Undrest. If you like the Brazillian-inspired style of Undrest, stay tuned as we’ll be covering more Brazillian-cut knickers this week!
Undrest “Marissa” Panty and Bralette

Undrest Marissa Bralette
Undrest Marissa panties

Price: from $48
Get them at: Shop Isabella, Faire Frou Frou, and other pieces at Bittersweet Butterfly
Sizes: XS,S,M,L
Colours: Cream/Cream trim, Menthe/Cream trim, Peach/Cream trim
Range includes: Marissa Bikini Knickers, Bralette, Camisole, Girlshorts

This sexy Brazilian-cut “Marissa” set from the designers at Undrest are made from 100% Supima Cotton (a type of cotton grown predominately in the US, OZ and Peru – for those of you who like me have never heard of it!) and as a result, are amazingly soft and sensual. The cotton has been teamed with traditional French lace and opulent cream silk ties to create unusual and sexy lingerie set in sanguine pastel colours.

Having used the Brazilian all-derrieres-look-great-in-this cut, the bikini knickers may be preferred by those who like a low-cut brief. Similarly, the bralette (pictured first) is ideal for less buxomly challenged, but there’s also a camisole on offer. The knickers have ribbon ties at the sides so you’d be advised to wear something non-figure hugging with this set. Gorgeous as they are, the ribbons do have a tendency to create unwanted bumps where you don’t want them. (Editor’s note — I tried the matching girlshorts and they proved much more practical for everyday wear — and look at that adorable heart!)

This lovely Lolita-esque set is perfect for the romantic and for the sexy, traditional femme in you and is a definite weekend outfit – think crisp white sheets, croissants and coffee and the sun streaming in as you wake up looking like the goddess that you are…
The Scores

Comfort: 5/5
Sexiness: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
VPL risk: 3/5
Practicality: 3/5
Style: 5/5

Try them out yourself!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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We do! We do! And apparently, so you do! Due to popular demand .. we will have the LARGEST Honeydew selection in the WORLD ( yes, the world!! ) starting April 13th at 2238 W Roscoe!

We're serious.

Birthday, Bachelorette, Rainy day, Happy day ... we will have EVERY color. EVERY size. EVERY style. EVERY day.

Isabella on Roscoe or call it ISABELLADEW!!

OPENS APRIL 13th! 2238 W Roscoe!

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Club Isabella Credit Redemption Date Announcement

If you are a club member, you have been racking up some serious store credit since January 1st! For every $50 you have spent since then, you will recieve $5 in store credit - redeemable APRIL 15th - APRIL 29th!
Still not a club member? It is never too late to join! Call us at 773 281 2352 or email our Club Coordinator


Howdy - RSVP NOW for our biggest, baddest, sale of the year! Thursday April 5th from 7-9pm ONLY!
We decided to wait for the weather to warm up a bit so we didn't have a line of lovely freezing ladies waiting to get in!
$10 buckets of bras, undies, camisole, pajamas .... up to 80% off on Cosabella, Parah, Honeydew, Le Mystere, On Gossamer and more!! This is the sale NOT to miss.
RSVP now to with your name, phone and the guests you are bringing or call us at 773 281 2352.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Houston, We have a new favorite designer....

We are SO excited to give you a sneak peek at our new obsession ...

The Lake & Stars!

Arriving in store this Spring ...

Bralets, garterbelts, chemises and more with an incredible modern/vintage vibe. We just hope we have enough in stock for everyone! This Spring collection is not to be missed!

Are you a Club Isabella member? If so, you'll get first dibs! If not ... email or call 773 281 2352 to get more information on how to become a member!
xo Isabella

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Welcome to!

Welcome to!! In this area we will be blogging about new merchandise arrivals, special sale/event announcements, client fit before and afters ( really, you will be amazed!) oh and tons of designer gossip and dirt!
Stay tuned.
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