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Monday, October 29, 2007

Pregnancy Bra Tips

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So, you are pregs or you know someone that is expecting... The belly is going to grow and so are the 'girls' ! Here are some bra shopping tips for buying bras for your pregnancy!

Tip 1 - How to gauge your 'new' bra size.
Start with your pre-pregnancy size - As a rule of thumb, you will go up one band size and approximatley 2 cup sizes by the time the stork arrives. So if you are a 34B pre-pregnancy - you should expect to peek at a 36D about a month or so before your due date.

Love this bra from Bella Materna! Non-wire seamless nursing bra now up to a G/H cup!

Tip 2 - What bra should I buy in the beginning?
In your first trimester your breasts will grow by leaps and bounds .. they will be sore and you may feel that even if you can still fit into your True Religions .. you may not be fitting into your tops the same as you did last month. Time for a new bra!
We, at Isabella, suggest buying bras once you begin to notice this change. If you are newly pregnant, it may not be necessary to go up a band size until your ribcage starts to expand ( by going up a band size too early, you may compromise your support) - But, you will want to increase your cup size by at least one cup. Remember, it is OK if you do not completely fill the cup - trust us, you will!! ( By tightening the bra straps you will help bring the cup closer to the body - just make sure the bra band does not ride up in doing so - if this happens, go DOWN a band size - you were probably wearing too large to begin with).

Tip 3 - My breasts haven't changed that much and i'm in my 6th month! Do I need new bras?

We have seen this happen a lot - no need to worry if your 'cups do not runneth over' ... Everyone is different and every body handles pregnancy in different ways. Make sure that you moniter your breast growth as your due date grows near. And make sure that you bring a properly sized nursing bra to the hospital for delivery.
A proper fit will be one or two cup sizes larger ( you may or may not need to go up a band size - as your ribcage will begin to come back to normal the weeks after giving birth). Usually, if your breasts do not grow by the time you reach your 3rd trimester -- you will become VERY full after giving birth! We call this a 'Dolly Parton' situation! - Day before birth you can be the same as your pre-pregnancy size and BAM! after you give birth - you look like Dolly!
Another great solution for this if you are unsure of size - is to purchase a nursing camisole that is size SML.

We love this nursing cami from Bella Materna

Tip 4 -- Help! I am already a large cup size and i'm only in my first trimester! Nursing bras for me?
Yes!! Of course ... We have nursing bras up to a K cup! Yes .. a K cup! Try this great cotton nursing bra from Goddess:

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments!! We are here to help
And remember, if you are unsure of your bra size .. you can always visit the boobologist at to upload a picture of yourself wearing a light colored top ... we will guide you to the perfect size and shape bra!


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Deana said...

I've read in one blog that when some women currently in the stage of pregnancy, bras with wrong sizes are a problem. That blog has this video saying that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Thanks to your tips, I'll be able to predict my cup size when I get through with pregnancy. Bras should really be the right fit. Not too tight, not too loose.

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